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Perdió Hernández

El novato Félix Hernández salió derrotado en su primera apertura del año, al caer los Marineros de Seattle por 5-0 frente a los Atléticos de Oakland.

A pesar de que Hernández no contó con el apoyo ofensivo de Seattle, la verdad es que Oakland supo jugarle al joven de 19 años (quien hoy cumple 20). Los pacientes bates del equipo Californiano obligaron al criollo a completar su cupo de 100 lanzamientos en apenas 5 entradas -- aprovechando además que no contaba con el mejor control de sus pitcheos.

Hernández no actuó mal, sin embargo, y apenas permitió 2 hits y 1 carrera, para completar efectividad de 1.80. Pero la falta de control fue indudable, al regalar hasta 4 boletos (con igual número de ponchados). Su WHIP es de 1.20.

A pesar de salir con una derrota, y dejar su marca vitalicia en 4-5, Hernández logró reducir su efectivida a 2.62 en 89.1 entradas lanzadas, a la vez que hacía que los contrarios tengan un promedio en su contra de .199. Su tasa de ponches/boletos sigue siendo estelar, con una marca de 3.00 (81/27).

Su próxima salida está planificada para el jueves 13 de abril, como visitante frente a los Indios de Cleveland, y enfrentándose al lanzador Jason Johnson.

Chamo me extraña que no hayas comentado nada de lo del perfueme/colonia de Chacín

ORONTO -- Take some citrus, then add some warm and some spicy, maybe a drop of amber, and finish off with some Blue Jays blue for colour and what do you get? The latest new fragrance for men and women: Chacin.

When Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Gustavo Chacin broke into Major League Baseball last season, two Toronto sports radio hosts joked that Chacin's name sounded like a type of cologne. "We made it our mission that we should actually come up with a Chacin cologne," Don Landry, morning show host at The Fan 590 said.

"After about 10 months of us pretending it existed, the Blue Jays decided this might actually be a good idea . . . and voila, they're doing it," Landry said.

Chacin created the cologne himself Wednesday at Leslie Cosmetics. The quiet young Venezuelan, with help from Leslie Cosmetics president Mark Rival and Landry chose from a variety of scents in beakers in a laboratory.

Chacin, surrounded by photographers, wore a lab coat with his name on it, along with a ball cap low on his forehead and his signature sunglasses.

The shy Chacin slowly smelled each ingredient and made a few mixtures before settling on the combination of warm, spicy, citrus, and a bit of amber.

"In summertime, you want nice fresh citrus notes," Rival said. "This year, amber is going to be a very popular smell. It's a very sensual note, a very deep note."

When asked if he was a romantic, the normally reserved Chacin very quickly replied that he was and nodded his head emphatically.

The Blue Jays will give away 10,000 vials of Chacin the fragrance at their midweek interleague game on June 27 against the Washington Nationals.

Chacin joins the likes of Michael Jordan and Maria Sharapova as athletes who have their own fragrance.

While there was no word on whether Chacin will be available in stores, Rival says Chacin is a fragrance that people are going to like. "I'm planning on wearing it tonight," Rival said.

Chacin Cologne Night
Gustavo Chacin On Tuesday June 27, the Blue Jays take on Washington Nationals at 7:07 p.m. The first 10,000 fans exiting Rogers Centre will receive a sample of "Chacin Cologne." This is co-promotion with the FAN 590's Morning Show, with the idea for this giveaway coming from a re-occurring skit with Landry & Stellick. The cologne samples will come in a 1.75 inch vial, and the actual fragrance will be personally designed by Gustavo Chacin, Gord Stellick, and Don Landry.

Y lo mejor de todo es el comercial de radio


el link del comercial es


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